About Us

Hello, my name is Karin Vacek and I welcome you to LauraLynn Boutique, an online store based in Richmond, Texas.

The site launched July of 2021 after inspiration hit during a family vacation to the Frio River. The same family vacation that we have taken since my husband, Richie, and I were married. But, this year it seemed different. My daughter, Katie, had just graduated from Texas A&M and was starting her career in Education. My oldest son, Jacob, was about to graduate from Wharton County Junior College, start his career as a Plant Operator and would most likely be engaged to his girlfriend, Jessi, soon.  My youngest son, Josh, would be starting High School the next year.  My babies weren't babies anymore and I was feeling like it was time for another change.

I say "another change" because in 2017 our lives were forever changed when one of our children had a fall resulting in paralysis. At the time, I was a nurse and had been since 2004. I chose to leave my career to stay home and help the family, and myself, adjust. Now, with everyone moving on with life, it was time for me to to do the same.

While floating the river, we came up with our name... LauraLynn Boutique.  Although there were a lot of other suggestions, this name inspired me. The boutique is named for my sister, Laura Lynn, who died at the age of 15. Ironically, while I was working in retail.  Funny how life can go full circle.

We never had the opportunity to see her evolve into a woman with her own style. Take some time to shop around and find some things that empower the woman that you want to be, the woman that you are, an inspiration to your own families!